Superior Image Quality Is Standard

Superior Image Quality Is Standard

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We have the options

Choosing the right in-office CT scanner is important. Let Tungsten Medical Network work through the options and the needs for your practice to help you make the best decision.

Let us help you

There are a lot of factors in choosing the right in-office CT Scanner for your practice. How many patients do you have? How many CT scans are you expecting to perform daily? How big is the space you’d like to put the CT Scanner? We have the options for you. Let us help you find what you need.

We work with the best

At Tungsten Medical Network, we vow to offer our clients the best options for in-office CT Scanners. That means helping you decide what meets and exceeds your requirements. We specialize in helping ENT practices select what meets their needs. Owning an In-office CT Scanner will revolutionize your practice.

In-Office CT Scanners for ENT

The importance of in-office conebeam CT

Choosing the right in-office CT Scanner for your practice can be difficult. We will help you select from the different available technologies to ensure your unique practice needs are met.

Tungsten Medical Network will help you select a room for your scanner, and will provide comprehensive assistance with installation scheduling, shielding, workflow, accreditation, billing and reimbursement, marketing and service.

We also guarantee the lowest price for any in-office CT scanner. Better still; this service is provided at no cost to you – our flat fee is paid for by the in-office CT manufactuer, which is why we are not incentivized to sell you a particular brand.

We just help you choose a scanner that will meet the needs of your unique practice.

  • Improve office workflow 80% 80%
  • Improve patient care 100% 100%
  • Patients lost to CT referrals 0% 0%
  • Initial diagnosis changed by in-office CT 75% 75%


Why choose Tungsten Medical Network?
If you’re a hospital or private practice, you’re looking for reliability and options. Instead of going with a specific brand, Tungsten Medical Network can help you find the machine that meets the demands of your particular practice.
Because we are not tied to any specific brand, we can offer you unbiased information about what is the best choice for you.
Additionally, Tungsten Medical Network is a full-service company. We can service your CT machines, assist with IAC accreditation, and even help you market your new in-office CT scanner.
We are happy to help.
Why should I purchase an in-office CT Scanner?

In-office CT has many benefits, ranging from an improvement of patient care to the ability to diversify the medical treatments you provide.
If you’re interested in treating more patients with less patient referrals, In-office CT may be for you.

What CT Scanners do you recommend?
Tungsten Medical Network has extensive experience in the field of in-office CT. Because each practice is different, it’s important to have your practice evaluated based on your needs.
You may be a large hospital or a smaller ENT practice. You may service 50 patients a day, or only 5. Because your needs are complicated, it’s best to discuss your options with you.
Let’s get connected.

We will dispose of your old CT scanner.

Disposing of old machines can be difficult.


After we help you select the best CT scanner for your practice, Tungsten Medical Network will dispose of your dated or inoperable machine at no cost to you. We care about how these materials are put back into the enviornment.

Let us help you dispose of your old CT scanner.

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